Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work ?
Email Extractor extracts leads from a data file in csv or xlsx format. Our system is based on a keywords dictionary and a smart algorithm. Email Extractor analyzes and removes all the bad emails in your data list.
Is the service efficient in all languages ?
Our service guarantees maximum efficiency with English/American English, but we are currently working on an extension of our keywords dictionary in other languages.
Will formulas/styles on my file be kept as is after the extraction process ?
No, styles and formulas will not be kept as is after the filtering of the emails, but only data will be completely rewritten.
Is Email Extractor a validation service ?
No, Email Extractor is not a validation service. Our service does not guarantee the existence and the verification of emails on a server, but it removes emails of private nature and those that are syntactically incorrect.
Do I have to register before I can use Email Extractor ?
No, it is not necessary to register in order to use our Email Extractor service.
What to do if my file exceeds the limit of 10 Mb ?
Given the large number of files that we treat each day, we voluntarily limited the size of each upload to 10 Mb per file. If you have a file that exceeds 10 Mb, please contact us here.