General conditions of sale

By validating his/her order, the Client understands and accepts, implicitly, the General conditions of sale. The present contract is for the online sale of the email extraction service: Email Extractor.

Description of the service

The Email Extractor service offers the analysis and removal of the e-mails that are of private nature or syntactically incorrect.

  •    - The client sends and configures a file in csv or xlsx format for its processing.
  •    - The customer confirms his order and proceeds to the payment of the service by accepting the General conditions of sale.
  •    - After the validation of the payment, the file is processed instantly and will then be available for download.

Types of accepted files

Email Extractor only processes data files of spreadsheet and workbook type. The two file formats accepted for data processing are only csv and xlsx. Other spreadsheet type extensions are not accepted. Any other malicious or dangerous extension type for our servers, will be immediately dismissed and legal actions may be taken against you.

Rates and modes of payment

The rates relating to the use of the Email Extractor service are specified on the website, and vary according to the number of lines contained in the file chosen by the client. Payment method is by credit card and is secured by Stripe™.

Service access

Access to the Email Extractor service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week except cases of force majeure or interventions of maintenance.

Support and request processing time

All support requests or claims relating to an order will be managed and monitored on a ticket system only. We cannot guarantee the processing time for a request, and in any case this shall not be the subject of a refund.

Privacy and file processing

Files sent to the server are publicly accessible through a sharing link. However, access to the files can be limited with the use of a password that will stay personal and confidential. The files that are sent to the Email Extractor website are guaranteed to be confidentially processed by us, and will never be exploited for commercial purposes.

Repayment terms

The Email Extractor service is based on the use of a keywords dictionary for the analysis of bad emails and therefore complete satisfaction cannot be guaranteed. The non-deletion of some data in the file, will not be considered as a reason for a refund. However, after a complaint from you that the file has not been well processed, we may, in some cases, issue a refund. All styles and formulas present on the file to be processed will not be kept as is after the filtering of emails. In case of an error in the processing of the file (corrupted received file), it is possible to apply for refund.